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Updated LPE1 form and new LPE2 form launched

March 30, 2016

TCS to adopt new leasehold enquiry forms.

The Conveyancing Association together with The Law Society and other industry bodies has launched a second edition of the LPE1 form which captures information about a property held by landlords, management companies and managing agents – for example, information about ground rent, insurance and service charges.

In addition a new form LPE2 has also been launched. This provides buyers with a summary of the key sums in relation to ground rent, service charges, insurance premiums, and reserve funds.

Using the LPE1 form makes it easier for conveyancers to advise clients because they receive information in a standardised and consistent format.

It is not mandatory to use LPE1 and LPE2 but their wider use will streamline and speed up the process of leasehold flat conveyancing.


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