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Our interactive online case tracking service which provides you with: Key milestone updates; the ability to view key documents immediately and contact your case handler at the click of a button.

Costing Information


Should you require a quote for a Remortgage and / or Transfer of Equity please contact our office on 0151 348 8700 or alternatively email

For your information, please see the average costings below;


Average fee in dealing with a Transfer of Equity £357.00 plus vat and disbursements

Average fee in dealing with a Remortgage £148.00 plus vat and disbursements


Please note that the above fees are average costings and your own transaction will depend upon the requirements of your case.  We would advise that you contact our office for a more detailed estimate of fees.



We do consider and enter into referral arrangements.  Our average referral fee is £150.00 plus VAT.



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